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Top 4 ways young people procastinate

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The perfect personal statement?

Well let’s start with the truth. There is no such thing as a perfect personal statement. The whole point of a personal statement is for you to give an insight into why you fit the bill. UCAS period is usually a stressful one for students all over the UK, but rest assured, it is temporary. Nonetheless, it is important to pay as much attention to it as universities do. Think of it as the chance to make a good first impression, especially for those that don’t have to required predicted grade, here lies the key to getting your foot in the door and showing your universities how motivated and passionate you are about studying your desired course, at their university.


Giving that you are applying for up to 5 universities, it is slightly difficult to focus on a specific institution, so at best, it’s important to focus not so much on the institution, but on the course itself. Giving examples of your achievement in and out of school/college is a great way to tie justify why you are the perfect fit. If you’ve travelled a lot, held a position of responsibility in your local football club, showcase it. Remember, admissions officers don’t expect you to have an arsenal of work experience under your belt, neither do they expect you do be anything more than a human being.


Pace yourself!


The hill is steep, but the sooner you take the first step, the easier it gets. You’ll find that the perfect draft can’t be done in one go, and that is ok, Rome wasn’t built in one day. If you’ve finished your first year of college, and are sure about going to university after A-levels (or equivalent), it is probably a good idea to get started on your UCAS Personal Statement or beef up on relevant experience that will help you to stand out over the competition. Don’t wait until the last minute before you start writing your personal statement!


Have a look at what the universities you are applying to say about the course you want to study. Although it is a ‘personal’ statement, it’s important to remember that your interest, skills and qualities must be tailored to match up with what your university are looking for, but remember not to over exaggerate. Admissions tutor at De Montfort University says: “Do not over exaggerate hobbies/interests – it is not a true reflection of yourself and you may be caught out”.


So where do you start? Here is a list of some of the things to consider:


  • Why you are applying
  • Course interests
  • Ambitions
  • Interest in higher education
  • Motivations
  • What makes you suitable for the university and course?
  • Relevant skills
  • Experience
  • Educational achievements
  • Personal achievement
  • Other work related skills


If you don’t get it straightaway, try and try again. If you find yourself stressing a lot over your Personal Statement, you probably really want to get it right, which means you’re on the right track. Keep at it, and you should end up with offers from your chosen university.


Good luck!

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TV Licence to use BBC iPlayer?

BBC Licence fee will now cover shows on the online catch-up service.


BBC iPlayer ties TV Licence loop-hole

Say it ain’t so! If you’re at university, or going to university, do not forget to pay your TV Licence, even if you are only streaming online.

The BBC Culture Secretary said that he will be “…bringing forward, as soon as practicable, secondary legislation which will extend the current TV licensing regime not only to cover those watching the BBC live, but also those watching the BBC on catch-up through the iPlayer”.


John Whittindalte unveils plans to charge for BBC iPlayer. Source: BBC


Can Leicester FC win the Premier League?

Leicester City move 5 points in clear after match on 1-0 away match win against Watford

Home to Leicester, Leicester City continues to move up in the Premier league after win against Watford.

Riyad Mahrez celebrates only goal scored during the match against Watford

Credit where credit is due! Leicester moves up 5 points after scoring goal against Watford FC after Riyad Mahrez scored his 15th goal of the season.

Impressively, Leicester FC have beaten the odds and have claimed first place in the tables with a 5 point lead above Spurs.

With a sequence of winnable matches coming up, can Leicester achieve the 9 points from fairytale triumph?

What do you think. Leave a comment.

9 tips on making money last at uni

For many students, making money last at university seems almost impossible after paying your term’s worth of rent. From mass shopping sprees online, to lazy nights of not being bothered to cook dinner, its certain that its easy to blow though a SLC maintenance loan.

  1. untitled-infographicLeave your house earlier, if it only takes 10 minutes to walk to where you’re going to, save your £5 cab fair and enjoy the walk. It is hard to stay fit at university as it is.
  2. Resist the many take away options, resist the “I can’t be bothered to cook” voice that whispers in your ear after a long day.
  3. Get yourself a part-time job. As daunting as it seems the extra income will help. Its recommended that a full-time student doesn’t exceed 15 hours of part-time work.
  4. Set yourself a weekly budget. Make sure all your essentials are covered such as food and transport… and don’t forget the toilet roll.
  5. Find out what funding you’re eligible for. There are many scholarships and bursaries available, check out what free money is on offer to you.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask parents for money. You’re still mummy’s little baby and daddy’s little girl. Ask then to help out, it’ll help.
  7. Beware of the online binge! Window shopping is okay, but be careful not to order items your don’t particularly need.
  8. Remember that you’re a student, many stores and shops offer a student discount, “Every little helps”
  9. Many banks offer overdrafts, if all else fails, go into your local brand and discuss student overdraft options.




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NUS EXTRA. Read all about it

NUS Extra gives student discounts on items from many high-street and online retailers

Don’t forget about NUS extra discount card. Available to students, it gives discounts on everything from your National Express coach ticket back home for Easter break, to the standard 10% off at ASOS.

For more information, visit:

“No eating in the library!”

Sonia risks it all as she dives into her £3 Tesco meal deal as she gathers research for her dissertation… Naughty Sonia


Black Friday Topshop sale

Topshop’s first 30 customers receives  15% off everything this Friday at Leicester’s Highcross shopping centre


Topshop located on the second floor of Highcross

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